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This is a program which emails messages to a list of emails, using a simple .txt or .html template.
-You make a template in html or in a simple text file and you enter in [] braces the tag you want to replace with dynamic data.
-You make an .xlsx Excel file with the entries with which you want to replace your tags, following this simple rule: the sheet with the entry data should be called-entries ,the sheet should contain one table with columns called like the [sets] you used in the template file and you have to place in each column the list of the entries you want to replace in each email.
-Finally you make a mailsList file in excel .xlsx file and name the sheet with the emails data-mails
-it should have one column named mails and in it a list of the emails you want to send the messages to
- the number of the mails in the list should be equal or less than the number of entries

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